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hand board

Five-Layer Maple Surface

Crafted from premium Northeastern maple, our board offers optimal flexibility, dense wood quality, and moderate hardness. The five-layer construction ensures durability and resilience for long-lasting use.

Alloy Support Brackets

Featuring a glossy and robust alloy frame, our hand board is built to last. The brackets come with rubberized shock absorbers, adding extra flexibility and allowing the board to swing from side to side.

High-Speed Bearing Wheels

Each wheel is equipped with high-speed bearings, providing a smooth and frictionless ride. The design not only enhances the board's durability but also ensures that your tricks are executed seamlessly.

Thickened PU Anti-Slip Pads

Our handboard features thickened PU anti-slip pads that are soft, highly slip-resistant, and wear-resistant. These pads not only protect your fingers but also enhance your grip for better control.

SurfX Handboard

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✅ Concave Control
✅ Flexible Maple Surface
✅ High-Speed Bearings
✅ Durable Alloy Brackets
✅ Thickened PU Grip
✅ Fully Portable

Hand Board Excellence: agile, durable, trick-focused performance.

Discover agile, durable mastery with hand boards designed for trick enthusiasts.
Dive into the fusion of agility and durability with hand boards for trick aficionados – the epitome of meticulously designed, performance-enhancing excellence.

Choose the Hand Board - Elevate your trick performance!

Elevate your boarding skills with our SurfX Handboard. Renowned for its concave control design, it guarantees a seamless trick execution. Its five-layer maple surface meets the demands of modern boarding enthusiasts, while the durable alloy brackets ensure longevity. Dive into our SurfX Handboards, combining innovation and agility, taking your daily boarding experience to unparalleled levels of performance and thrill!

Concave Design for Control

Master your moves effortlessly with our hand board’s unique concave shape. The design enhances grip and control, allowing you to perform high-difficulty tricks with ease.

Fully Portable and Versatile

Take your hand board wherever you go—school, park, or even the kitchen. Learn the fundamental physics of real skateboarding skills and challenge your friends to handboard games. Plus, its stylish graphics are sure to match your trendy vibe.
Revolutionize boarding with SurfX Handboard. Dynamic agility meets innovative design, transforming your daily tricks with this essential performance marvel.

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